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About is a company focusing on new business activities around the world.

Our team focuses into 2 ways of activities:

The first one is to invest to entrepreneurs looking to convert new ideas into business opportunities. If you believe that you have the power to simplify complex situations around you and make a difference helping people with your innovative services or/and products, we are happy to hear your project.

The second one is to facilitate either startups or mature companies to get connected with Business Angels, Private Equity Funds or Venture Capitals interested to invest in Energy, Telecoms, Financial, IT and Internet companies looking either for equity or financing.

Expected Benefits: continuously strives to bring added value to a partnership.
This is done by:

Providing essential analysis to a growth/development strategy
Facilitating a supportive framework which helps the aspiring start-up to achieve the next step of growth
Ensuring access to the finance community (VCs, Angel investors etc.) thus revealing new routes to investing and funding
Connecting/Networking with experienced professionals who can provide an essential mentoring function to the start-up management team.

Projects is the owner of the following companies:


The spirit of an entrepreneur is to Think, Create, and Act in a clear and simple way.

Do you see the things around you Complicated or Simple?

If you are positive answering the following questions, you have a big chance to excel in your new business activities:

  • Do you like to create Value?
  • Do you like to make others’ people life Better?
  • Do you have Passion for your job?
  • Do you like Adventure?
  • Do you like Risk?
  • Do you like to Explore new things?

If you have answered YES on all the above and if you do have already a PRODUCT or SERVICE aiming to go global either physically or using internet and/or mobile, we will be more than happy to help and contribute to your vision.

How can we do this? Following the next steps:

First, we need to see and believe to the new product or service you plan to run and commercialize

Second is to make it work and see the added value it offers to the society

Third is to build the Brand Name and advice the management team

Fourth is the penetration into the markets globally

Fifth is the introducing process from Business Angels, Private Equity Funds and Venture Capitals

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Business Matching

Capital is the fuel to move either your Startup or your Company to the next level of your Business Plan.

If you are looking either for equity or financing your businesses, feel free to contact us at to bring you in contact with our Business Angels Network, Private Equity Funds and Venture Capitals.

A fair introducing fee (under discussion) is applied to the project.

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